This is an urgent call for justice! Let’s hold banks accountable!

It’s time to step up and help us end the finance flows fuelling the climate crisis! 

Here’s the deal: Citibank, Barclays and HSBC are investing billions in companies that are causing climate change and undermining human rights.

To #FixtheFinance, we are demanding that these banks STOP the following:

  • Financing oil, gas and coal that harm the planet and violate human rights. Banks must have clear targets to stop financing fossil fuels – and soon!
  • Financing industrial agriculture that harms communities with bad practices such as deforestation, land grabs, fossil-fuelled fertilisers, factory farming and child labour. Banks must improve their standards, monitoring, and enforcement, always respecting communities and Indigenous Peoples.

So, what do you say? Let's come together, sign this petition, and stand up for justice and fairness!

From 2016 to 2022:
Barclays logo

Barclays directed US$11.5billion to industrial agribusiness, and US$29.6 bn to fossil fuels in the Global South. It is the largest European bank financier of fossil fuels around the world.

Citigroup logo

Citibank poured a shocking US$13.9bn into agribusiness financing in the Global South, and a staggering US$90.6bn into fossil fuel financing in the Global South. It is the largest US financier of fossil fuels in the Global South.

HSBC logo

HSBC HSBC funnelled US$17.2bn into industrial agriculture and US$63.5bn into fossil fuels. It is the largest European financier of fossil fuels and agribusiness in the Global South.