Help stop climate chaos NOW! 

The climate crisis is spreading far and wide. And the world’s money flows are not helping – they’re hurting us all.  Since the Paris Agreement was signed, banks have provided 3.6 trillion USD towards fossil fuel and industrial agriculture activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

In fact, fossil fuel and industrial agriculture companies in the Global South are receiving 20 times more financing from banks than vulnerable countries are receiving for climate solutions. This is absurd and has to stop: enough is enough. 

ActionAid demands:  

  • Banks must immediately stop financing fossil fuel expansion and industrial agriculture that causes deforestation and human rights violations.  
  • Banks must strengthen polices against human rights abuses and deforestation to protect communities.  
  • Governments must regulate the banking sector to stop the financing of fossil fuel expansion, and they must scale up just transitions to real solutions such as renewable energy and agroecology. 

Together, we can ensure a just, green, feminist and more sustainable future for all. A future free from climate disasters caused by harmful emissions. 

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